My dog ate my…

My Dog (with the help of my cat) Ate my…
…Beauty Blender!

Well, she actually shredded it rather than ate it but still…I was walking by my 7-month old puppy, Riley, (who is fortunately very cute) while she was – I thought – chewing on a toy, only to find little, delicate pieces of my beloved Beauty Blender in her bed and under her paws!  Now, I know that she could not have accomplished this task on her own.  I can almost guarantee that my 1 year old calico kitten, Malibu, (whose 1 year birthday was also today) was an accomplice in this mission.  Yes, they make a good duo.  I am glad that she does not do what my dear Tabby Cat (RIP dear Jasper) used to do and that was drag my makeup brushes all over like a prized possession!  I guess my dear calico had just decided that a pretty pink (and only 3 weeks old) Beauty Blender would be a good play toy for the morning.



Caught in the act two weeks earlier.  I should have known!

So I know that some of you are cringing.  Some of you are worried about the tummy problems that you fear my dear puppy will endure.  Rest assured, I was able to perform near-Bones-like (TV show) reconstruction of broken pieces to reform almost perfect and lovely dew drop shape (complete with dog slobber)!  I feel confident that what might have been swallowed will pass along and brighten up her next deposit in our yard.  

Scene from Bones with a reconstructed skull

What I felt like reconstructing the pieces of the Beauty Blender.

For those of you who are cringing because you understand the dedication and cult-like following that those of us who depend on Beauty Blenders as part of the fun-ness of your makeup routine, you also can rest comfortably.  I have already placed an on-line Sephora order for a set of new Beauty Blenders (I will not be caught like this again!) using my “We love you so much and want you to make it to VIB Rouge again this year” 10% discount. Interestingly, a few other goodies fell into my cart so thank you Riley and Malibu!

Have any of you had pets play in your makeup or with your brushes?  Any recommendations about protecting your stash without making the items so inaccessible?  I just recently purchased this wonderful makeup carousel that keeps many items open to paws – will I have to go back to ugly plastic drawers (as noted in the picture below)?

Until next time…stay positive and productive and have fun!

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