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I did it!  Yep, I cut my hair – chopped sounds so dramatic but cutting your hair is dramatic for women, isn’t it?  Yes, I know my hair was already short – an inverted bob – but when you loose hair around your ears (now that sounds weird), it radically changes your look.

Why did I do this?   It was for several reasons.  One that I will just put right out there is that I wanted a change even though I was really happy with my hair as it was.  Second and the most notable force in this change was that I needed something that was easy…really easy.  In short, I just had surgery to repair a hiatal hernia and remove my gallbladder (if you want to hear about that just let me know).  The surgery itself was not bad but recovery from the hernia repair is a bear!  My diet is very restricted which leaves me with no energy; hence my desire to make my mornings easier.

So how do you choose hair cuts that you want?  I probably pursued the typical pathway: cuts I had before (definitely did not want a repeat of my pixie from three years ago that was awful); styles I saw on Google images; images I saw on TV; and then good old Pinterest!  From all these sources, I put together my top pictures of what I wanted.  Here is it.

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My favorite is the middle style, but my current bangs (fringe) were not long enough to achieve that look.  I also had the burden of thinking through not only what might look okay and be easy but also what would look good on someone my age.  Yes, I said it.  I am not a young woman, but I fear that I will do things to still hold on to my younger ways (I cannot stay up as late anymore, I have more lines on my face than I ever had, my hair is not primarily brown in color anymore).  Is that just me or do you think of those things?

Cut to the end of this story – sorry for the pun…  I did it.  I cut my hair from a well liked length and style to something very different!

Headshot D Cusumano


So what do I think?  It is DIFFERENT!  It is EASY!  I THINK I like it.  How wishy-washy of a response is that!  I am getting used to it but it is starting to grow on me.  I do want to keep growing the bangs longer so that I can achieve the style of the middle image above, but it is going to be easy for me right now.  I will say it is a breeze to shampoo and condition, and I do not have to be particular about the products I use – nor worries about frizziness etc.  I also do not even have to blow dry it but if I do, it only take a minute.  I also do not need to use a lot of products, but I can if I want.  Traveling will be so much easier as I can use the hotel blow dryer and hair products, and leave my flat iron at home!

Have you made this transition?  What are your experiences?

Here is my video documenting this transition.

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Have great days and smile a lot and laugh a bit too!

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