Review of Dorco Shai 6 Razor

I have to admit that I received this Shai 6 razor several months ago for an unbiased review (not sponsored), and I have been a bit slow (very slow actually) in posting my thoughts.  There are several reasons for this: 1) I have been very busy; 2) I wanted to see how this razor performed over time; and 3) my teen aged daughter wanted to test it out as well.  So…all good reasons but the time has come to share my thoughts.

Looks pretty too!

Looks pretty too!

First impressions

The packaging was appealing, although nothing too different from the Bic or Gilette razors that I typically buy.  Upon opening it, however, I noticed a difference.  It was EASY to open.  What do I mean by that comment?  You know how it can be a struggle and sometimes dangerous to open plastic packaging even when products contain “easy open” systems?  Well, this package was true to that name.  It opened quickly and without risk of receiving a plastic (paper) cut!  Big points earned here!


Package was easy to open! No plastic cuts on fingers!

Package was easy to open! No plastic cuts on fingers!

Now for my first thoughts after the opening challenge – the razor felt rather solid if a razor can be considered solid. That is, it had a notable weight to it without being heavy.  I felt like I was holding something in my hand – something important.  The handle also had a slightly tacky but cushioned grip to it.  In short, this razor felt really good in my hand.  No worries of it slipping out of my hand while in the shower and no sharp edges where they should not be sharp.  I also have to add that the color was pretty.  What do you think?  The section the held the blade was also solid feeling and did not rotate all over the place as is the case with another razor that I have owned.

Handle feels comfortable and is easy to hold

Handle feels comfortable and is easy to hold

First Uses

So how didi it handle?  This razor is a nice combination of shaving closely without feeling like it is exfoliating at the same time, and I mean that in the nicest way.  A good balance of getting close enough to the roots of the hairs on my legs etc., but not scraping away at the skin.  I have a few other razors that have extra pieces on them to help lubricate as you shave.  This seems nice but they often do not get as close of a shave, which is irritating to me.  I want a close shave but not one that takes aways the upper layer of my skin!

In use, I really liked this razor: close shave, nice feel to hold, and I felt like I could navigate easily around my ankle bones and knee caps.  This razor fits all my needs but how does it hold up over time?  Keep reading…

Over Time

I was sold after the first use, but I also did not want this razor to be one that does a good job only once or for only a few uses.  I want one that lasts at least 2-3 weeks.  I also keep my razor in the shower so I need it to be able to survive in water soaked elements.  And…this one did.  I was able to get a nice (almost daily not counting the times I was out of town on a business trip) shave for 3 weeks before the blades started losing some of their shaving gusto.  How long do your razors typically last?  This works for me!

Reports from a Teenager

One of the toughest critics, and almost anyone with teens will agree, is a teenager especially a 16 year old girl!  So what did my daughter say?  She really liked this razor as well but for some different reasons.  She often does not shave in the shower but does that dreaded “dry shave” just minutes before she has to walk out the door.  A bit of hair conditioner (yes that does work well!) and a quick skim of the razor over her legs and she is done.  My daughter gave this razor very high ratings and was disappointed when it dulled to  a less than close shave quality – which was 3 weeks for her as well.

Final Thoughts

This Shai 6 razor is a great find!  I know I will be ordering some for both myself and my daughter and will put one in my travel bag as well.  It is priced right (and I have a code too – see below) and not only shaves well but looks pretty and feel nice to hold as you shave.  Here is a direct link to this razor.  Check it out and let me know what you all think too!

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