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Hi All!

It is always hard to know where to begin.  So here goes…I am a huge enthusiast of whatever makes one feel confident and positive in his or her life.  I truly believe that an optimistic outlook clears the pathway for positive relationships and living in general.  It is more productive and enlightening to look for good in things than to wallow in darkness.  I follow this life outlook from my mom whom I miss so dearly.

What makes me feel confident and positive?  Well many things in life starting with my husband, two children, extended family, and numerous pets, but I also look outside for this behaviors that I do that bring me happiness or just fun.  Beauty is one of them.  I am a huge makeup lover that probably stems from my early years as a professional ballet dancer (I even found an old photo taken during pre-performance preparations in full stage makeup).

Ballet Headshot

Taken as I finished my stage makeup and hair before a ballet performance. I think I was about 17 years old.

I LOVED the preparation before a ballet performance as much as the actual performance.  What you could do with hair and makeup to become something extraordinary always amazed and thrilled me.  I never lost that feeling even today when I get ready for each day!

Many, many years later, I still drawn to that “fun” and began learning even more about how to create not a mask but a better me.  I still always feel better each day after I go through my makeup and hair routines – it wakes me up!

This blog and my related videos take my love to a new level.  I hope to not only have fun with this endeavor but also share and learn from others who love beauty and makeup.  Of course, I am in a different phase of my life than many other bloggers or YouTube beauty reviewers, but I think I can fill a void sharing not only what works or is fun but also what works for more mature (empty nesters) individuals.  I also hope to share other topics and content related to health and positive living that pertains to people in their empty-nest “mature” years.

Let me know what you would like me to share as well!

Thanks for learning a little bit about myself!

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there! Really enjoy your videos! So refreshing to find cosmetic reviews from another 50-yr old’s perspective and our changing canvas…;) I hope you continue on and I wish you great success and look forward to more videos and reviews from you.

    • Thanks so much! I really enjoy looking for products that work for all women and especially mature women as our skin needs change so much!

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