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So here is where I plan to share just run of the mill and everyday talk.  I may be talking to myself, but I do hope that you all will comment so that the discussions are fun.  I will start the talk and then insert a jump to the longer discussion.  Does that work for all of you?

Do you want to hear about how and why I started this fun project?  Click here to read about it.  If you want to know more about me (not sure why but…) just click here.  My next thought is to share about my recent hair chopping – from bob to pixie!  I will share the link here if that conversation makes it to the page.

I also may want to share about my recent “life interruption.”  Not sure if anyone wants to hear about it, but I recently (2 weeks ago) had surgery to correct a hiatal hernia and remove my gallbladder.  The recovery from the hernia surgery has been INTENSE…  I may write about that as well. Keep posted!


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