L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion

I am always on the look out for drug store beauty products and always on the look out for new foundations.  The effect of this is what I have here – a drug store foundation option – or not?  See what I think.

Yes, I test out a great deal of foundation.  One reason is that my skin keeps changing.  In part because of the seasons and in part because of the products I am using on my skin (Retin A has made my skin so dry!).  Regardless, I still love a good foundation!  Right now, I am starting to embrace a more glowy or dewy finish – but not too much or I will have flashbacks to my earlier years when my skin was SO oily!  I also want a nice level of coverage.  I do like the look of natural skin but not necessarily my natural skin.  On the other hand, I do not want a mask on my face nor do I want to feel the foundation on my skin.  Finally, it must last throughout the day and behave on my mature skin.  Not too much to ask, right?  I think you understand why I am always searching…

At present, my Holy Grail foundations are: Nars Sheer Glow, Make Up Forever Ultra HD, and Too Faced Born this Way.  (I have reviews on all of these and will link them once I get them uploaded.)  Yes, it is nice to have this line up but they do not all play well with my skin all year long. My Nars Sheer Glow works so well in hotter more humid weather as does my Make Up Forever Ultra HD.  Cooler (i.e., dryer skin days) weather aligns perfectly with my Too Faced Born this Way foundation.

So…how the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation work?


  • Lovely finish!
  • Easy to use and blend especially with my Beauty Blender
  • Nice customizable coverage
  • Works well with mature skin (does not sit in my fine lines)
  • Nice packaging
  • Less pricey than my other foundations
  • Feels nice on skin

Wearing the Lumi Cushion foundation


  • It does not last – see photo of it wearing away from around my nose in just three hours.  This happened no matter what primer I used!
  • For the quantity of the product, it can be considered pricey


As you can imagine, the lack of longevity in wearing power is a strong strike against this foundation and what a shame!  I really liked the finish, coverage, and all the extras.  I cannot use a foundation, however, that wears away to such a degree in just  few hours though.  Has anyone else found this as an issue?  If so, did you find a “fix” for it?  I would love to hear so I can move this product up into my “Like a Lot” drawer!

My search for foundations continues!


Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette: Is it travel worthy?


Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette in Warm Neutrals. Is it travelworthy or just plain fun? See what I think and let me know what you think!

Although not available via typical beauty retail stores, which is why I hesitated in even reviewing it, this palette is amazing and keeps up to the expectations that I hold (very high ones) for any high end product and especially any Laura Mercier products.  What is included in this palette?  I LOVE this collection of shadows, blushes, contour, and lip gloss – although the lip gloss is the least exciting part.


As you look at the palette, you may notice the accordion structure for the palette.  The bronzer and blush are housed in the bottom section while the eye shadows are offered in the top section.  A smallish mirror is included but it really is rather small and not something I would ever use unfortunately.  A lip gloss (clear color) cuts through both levels but is most easily accessed through the top (shadow) level.  The casing is study plastic and has yet to even sustain a scratch despite many trips that has taken with me!  Not only does this fit well in a travel case, it also is very purse friendly!  Overall dimension are 3.75 inches long by 2.25 inches wide.

As for the colors:

The bottom level of the “double decker” holds one matte medium bronzer and one blush (second skin cheek color) in Sweet Mandarin.

The top of the palette is devoted to eyes and includes a matte light color in Butter Cream, a luster (shimmery) brown/bronze color in Rosewood, a sateen shadow in Cocoa Brown, and a liner cake pan also great for tightlining in Chocolate Brown.  The lip gloss is a very sheer color called “Sweetheart”.

All the products have great depth and transfer beautifully to the skin.  There is some powder dispersion during application but it is very, very minimal and much less than some of my other favorite palettes such as any Kat Von D or Too Faced palettes.  Blending is also quite easy but they are not as “buttery” as some other products the best I can think of for having that “buttery” feeling is Make Up Geek products, right?  Longevity is nothing special but all the product stay true to their color throughout most of an 7 hour day.

So…what do I think?  I adore this palette and although it is limited in its color selections, it is perfect for short trips or trips where makeup is not a priority but wanted for evenings for example.  If I were planning to take this for a longer trip, I might tag along one more blush and another small eye shadow palette just for the sake of mixing things up a bit.  For the purse though – fabulous as it has all the basic essentials.  See my ratings below:

Ratings Image

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a product that is found in our typical makeup retail stores.  I found it on Ebay (and for a very nice price)!  But buyer beware as you never know the authenticity of the products you find on some of these outlets.  In short, here are some places where I recently found Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette in Natural Nudes:

* Amazon – http://amzn.to/1EL6zhp – $48

* Ebay also had several listings

* Bridgette’s Boutique – $39.50

* Also try used beauty products websites such as Poshmark  or Glambot

Final Look using Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette

If you are interested in watching my video review and a demonstration, here is my YouTube review (please subscribe too!).

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Review


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

I know – another day, another foundation!  Why do we (or I) always keep searching for the next best foundation when we already have two or three that hit Holy Grail status?  I cannot answer that question, but I can say that I am so thankful that I have kept looking!  More on that later.

One of the newest foundations to hit the shelves of Sephora and other beauty retailers is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible foundation. Purported to be an invisible foundation that leaves your skin feeling natural but looking beautiful all within a medium coverage.  It has some new ingredients in it, which I will not bore you with (actually I do not understand the chemical properties of the new additions so I do not want to mis-speak), but I will provide you this link to review it for yourself.  What I can say is directly from the product marketing:

Developed specifically for the film and TV industry’s most advanced technology, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion—on and off camera. Completely invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens, this revolutionary foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium coverage with a lightweight texture that looks just like skin. Long-lasting with a natural-looking finish, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is formulated with hyaluronic spheres for time-released hydration that ensures comfortable wear on all skin types. Now available in an expanded range of 40 shades to match all skintones, Ultra HD is the perfect everyday foundation for a flawless complexion—and an unretouched life. 

Doesn’t it sound wonderful!  Are you already set to take the testing it out plunge?  Well, I was!  I used the MFE HD foundation before this new improvement, and although I liked it, I did not LOVE it.  But, I did like it enough to venture off to Sephora and get some samples and then a bottle of my own.

Important note: If you have worn the previous MFE HD foundation, your color code will be different with this product.  Fortunately, they have made it very easy to know which code matches up to which new code (several tables available and the old and new codes are written conspicuously on the top of the box).

Okay…All this build up…did it impress me?

Do you see me smiling?  Wonder why?  It is because I LOVE this foundation!  It is lightweight, covers wonderfully (but not too much to make you look like a solid piece of clay), blends easily, and last all day without transforming into anything odd or sinister on my skin!  See my ratings below.

Ratings Image


Should you run out and try it?  Well, YES!  I cannot speak as to how it will work for you if you have different skin than myself (normal to dry with some oiliness around my t-zone; hyper pigmentation scars, and occasional acne); however, I have a suspicion it will work very well on most skin types.  I just loved how this foundation applies (prefer my Morphe M435 but the Beauty Blender does an awesome job too), covers, and stays fresh all day.  I have worn it with and without primer but do prefer some primer just because…

Let me know what you all think as well!

If you want to see my video review and demo – yea me without makeup, how lovely – just watch below.

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New! Urban Decay Brow Tamer Review!

UD Brow Tamer Thumbnail


Okay, so who else has bad brow days?  Who else also dedicates too much time to their brows for less than optimal outcomes?  Me!!  So, in walks a new product that I was fortunate to snag right away (from the Urban Decay website) after stalking Ulta and Sephora waiting for it to arrive in storesIMG_4046.  Why – well I set that up for you.  My brows were taking too long to tame and were not looking as I had hoped.

Now for the review…  I decided to go for the Brow Tamer (mascara-like product) rather than the pencil (Brow  Beater) since I have a favorite brow pencil (Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz that is just not playing nicely right now and is really too dark – I need Taupe).  What does the product boast?  Urban Decay claims that this product will tame even the most challenging brows and leave them fuller and more polished looking without cruchiness.  The brush is a serial microfiber brush.  I ordered the Brow Tamer in Neutral Brown.

IMG_4048Did it work?  Yes, yes it did!!  In fact, I love it!  It provides nice coverage but not too gooky that the product transfers to your skin.  The brush is wonderful – not too small and not too bulky.  It was so fast!  I did fill in a bit with a pencil (this time I used a Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Taupe) and the end result was exactly what I wanted!  I finished the look with the Milani Brow & Eye Highlighter – not a step I do every day but I was having fun playing!


Here is my overall rating for the Urban Decay Brow Tamer – I am sure you are not surprised!

UD Brow Ratings image


And finally, if you want to see me apply the Brow Tamer and hear my review, watch my video below (and feel free to subscribe)!

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Mac Longwear Waterproof Nourishing Foundation Review


Waterproof AND Nourishing Foundation?

Yes – Mac Longwear Waterproof Nourishing Foundation

I have said that I have three Holy Grail foundations and here is the last of the three – you can check out my other favorites on this blog  or on YouTube (It Cosmetics CC+ Cream and Laura Mercier Smooth Finish).  I actually was not looking for another foundation but the characteristics of this one (longwear, nourishing AND waterproof) caught my eye.  On top of that it was a Mac product, and I do like Macproducts.  Long story in a shorter version…I decided to try out this foundation when the summer hit because (kids had summer swim meets outside and that means big time sweating, we were headed on a cruise in a few weeks, and every now and then I shed a tear and hate ending up with streaks down my face) the conditions were favorable.

And what did I think?  First things – the packaging is very typical Mac (i.e., nothing frivolous, extravagant, or cool).  The foundation comes in a plastic tube with a dropper dispenser.  It is very easy to control – that is, it is not like Mac Longwear concealer that delivers way too much – at least for me.  I think this container will be easy to use the last drops and will also provide a good view to know when it is running low.
I used a typical amount, which is about the size of two peas (would that equal a lima bean?).  The consistency is not runny and definitely not moussey (e.g., Tarte Amazonia Clay foundation).  It blends easily and provides adequate (medium coverage) with one passover.  I used both brushes and Beauty Blenders to apply and both worked nicely (it will be your own preference here).  I did use primer and found that they all worked well.  That is, no one stood out as THE primer for this foundation.
Once applied, it settled to a semi-matte finish.  I did apply some light powder but that may not be needed for everyone and also may not produce the desired finish if you like a glowy look.  A word of caution is that there is no SPF in this foundation.  For some that is a plus but others may consider that a negative characteristic.  I am fine either way but just have to remember to apply my SPF when I use this foundation.
Did it last?  Yes, this foundation lasts through a typical day with no signs of wear except for a little break up on my smile lines and around my nose.  Was it waterproof? I admit that I tested this not by being caught in a rain storm but, admittedly, after shedding some tears (well many tears but that is another story).  The answer is that “yes” it holds up even after a storm of tears but my blush is another story!  Will I repurchase?  Oh my….that is such a tough question!  Yes, if nothing else rises to the top of Holy Grail foundation, I will repurchase but you know how that goes!
Okay…I would love to hear some comments and feedback!  Have you used this foundation?  Is there a primer that “clicks” with it?  What application process do you find works best?
Here is a video review of this foundation.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and also give me a “thumbs up” as a way of sharing some encouragement.

As always, have positive and productive days!

Holy Grail Status: Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation

Review of Laura Mercier Smooth Finish
Flawless Fluid Foundation

Hi All!  I am so excited to share my thoughts on this product – the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid Foundation!  It is definitely one of my Holy Grail foundations! This product is easy to apply, dries to a nice satin finish, and feels as light as air.  It boasts medium to full coverage (very true) and is easily build-able.  I love applying it with my Good LM 2Beauty Blender but my Sigma F80 also does the job so nicely.  The coverage lasts all day with very little breakdown (a bit around my nose) but nothing different than any other foundation. I am wearing the color Ecru – as a reference point, I am an NC 25 in Mac.


Good LM 3

What makes this foundations so much better than others?  I love the ease of application – but you HAVE to SHAKE it – the coverage, longevity, and the fact that I forget it is on my skin.  This foundation also does not seem to sit in my fine (maybe a bit more than fine) lines as much as others.  I think it also looks very nice.  I do apply powder over it (typically Laura Mercier Translucent Powder); but I always feel the need to powder, which I guess is a remnant from my younger (oilier skin) years.  Be careful how much powder you apply as it can get a bit cakey easily, which is probably a trigger to tell you that you do no need powder.  I use primer and find that the Laura Geller Spackle Hydrating Under Makeup one to work beautifully.  I also use my tried and true Benefit Porefessional that works wonderfully as well. 

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 Did I miss anything?  Is there anything else that you want to know about it?  Has anyone else tried this foundation? 

Thanks all!  Have positive and productive days!