Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette: Is it travel worthy?


Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette in Warm Neutrals. Is it travelworthy or just plain fun? See what I think and let me know what you think!

Although not available via typical beauty retail stores, which is why I hesitated in even reviewing it, this palette is amazing and keeps up to the expectations that I hold (very high ones) for any high end product and especially any Laura Mercier products.  What is included in this palette?  I LOVE this collection of shadows, blushes, contour, and lip gloss – although the lip gloss is the least exciting part.


As you look at the palette, you may notice the accordion structure for the palette.  The bronzer and blush are housed in the bottom section while the eye shadows are offered in the top section.  A smallish mirror is included but it really is rather small and not something I would ever use unfortunately.  A lip gloss (clear color) cuts through both levels but is most easily accessed through the top (shadow) level.  The casing is study plastic and has yet to even sustain a scratch despite many trips that has taken with me!  Not only does this fit well in a travel case, it also is very purse friendly!  Overall dimension are 3.75 inches long by 2.25 inches wide.

As for the colors:

The bottom level of the “double decker” holds one matte medium bronzer and one blush (second skin cheek color) in Sweet Mandarin.

The top of the palette is devoted to eyes and includes a matte light color in Butter Cream, a luster (shimmery) brown/bronze color in Rosewood, a sateen shadow in Cocoa Brown, and a liner cake pan also great for tightlining in Chocolate Brown.  The lip gloss is a very sheer color called “Sweetheart”.

All the products have great depth and transfer beautifully to the skin.  There is some powder dispersion during application but it is very, very minimal and much less than some of my other favorite palettes such as any Kat Von D or Too Faced palettes.  Blending is also quite easy but they are not as “buttery” as some other products the best I can think of for having that “buttery” feeling is Make Up Geek products, right?  Longevity is nothing special but all the product stay true to their color throughout most of an 7 hour day.

So…what do I think?  I adore this palette and although it is limited in its color selections, it is perfect for short trips or trips where makeup is not a priority but wanted for evenings for example.  If I were planning to take this for a longer trip, I might tag along one more blush and another small eye shadow palette just for the sake of mixing things up a bit.  For the purse though – fabulous as it has all the basic essentials.  See my ratings below:

Ratings Image

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a product that is found in our typical makeup retail stores.  I found it on Ebay (and for a very nice price)!  But buyer beware as you never know the authenticity of the products you find on some of these outlets.  In short, here are some places where I recently found Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette in Natural Nudes:

* Amazon – – $48

* Ebay also had several listings

* Bridgette’s Boutique – $39.50

* Also try used beauty products websites such as Poshmark  or Glambot

Final Look using Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette

If you are interested in watching my video review and a demonstration, here is my YouTube review (please subscribe too!).

Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye palette Review



I jumped the fence to the side of buying the Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye palette!  I have been deliberating about this purchase for a while and finally decided to buy it.  Not only was it expensive ($46) but it also seems so close to my Too Faced Natural Matte palette (click here for review of that palette), and I wanted to make sure there was not too much overlap.  I also really did not NEED this palette…but I finally decided that I WANTED it.  So how did it do after I played around with it?

First of all, the colors are divine and so rich both in pigmentation and in the ability to blend flawlessly.  This is a goIMG_0063od thing because they colors can be intense and not for the heavy handed unless you plan to blend a great deal!  There also is a bit (maybe a lot) of fallout, so be prepared.  As I was at Sephora (this palette is exclusive to Sephora), I asked for some feedback as I was also trying to decide between this palette and the Tartelette (also matte).  I definitely received some good advice.  The Sephora SA defined the different in very easy terms.  The Tartlette palette is softer colors that although pigmented do not hold the bang that the shadows in the Shade+Light palette.  If you want a softer eye, you may want to Tartelette palette, but if you want to create and sculpt, you will cherish the Shade+Light palette.  These were very wise words!

So what do I think?…Was the plunge to buy worth it?  Is this staying in my stash or being returned?

First, here are the color swatches and a bit about the palette. There are three quadrants to this palette: Warm, Neutral, and Cool.  In each quad, there is a base, contour, define, and highlight shade.

Neutral Quad

  • Laetus – creamy nude
  • Lazarus – cool taupe
  • Ludwin – peachy bronze.
  • Samael – dusty fawn

Cool Quad

  • Solas espresso brown.
  • Lucius – soft beige
  • Saleos – smoky brown
  • Shax – jet black

Warm Quad

  • Liberatus – pinkish ivory
  • Succubus – rich rust
  • Sytry – chocolate brown
  • Latinus – golden bisque

So what did I think?  I LOVE this palette!!  It is a wonderful collection of colors that lead to a great deal of creativity!  The colors transfer so well (but there is fall out) and blend beautifully!  No lingering color falling into my (not so) fine lines under my eyes and no creasing throughout the entire day – but I do always recommend some type of eye primer.  I like to use my Mac Paint Pot in Painterly.  Even without eye shadow primer, however, the colors applied well, blended easily, and lasted more than 8 hours without creasing or fading.

Here is my rating of the Kat Von D Shade+Light eye palette.  If you are on the fence about whether to buy this palette, I would recommend taking the plunge knowing that you can always return it if it does not live up to your expectations, but I think this is a high probability bet that you will keep it!

Ratings Image

Here are a few photos of me wearing the warm quad.


Warm Quad

IMG_0052 (1)

Warm Quad

So what do you think?  If you want to see my video review and demo application, click below on the video (and subscribe too please!).  I would love to hear your feedback!

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Lorac Pro to Go – Review, Demo, and is it travel worthy?

Lorac Pro to Go thumbnail

Lorac Pro to Go palette ($38) holds a pretty combination of blush (2), bronzer (1), and eye shadows (3 matte and 3 shimmery).  It has a handy way of folding up so that you can open the shadows, blushes and bronzer or have it all open at once.

thumb_IMG_4146_1024 thumb_IMG_4141_1024thumb_IMG_4142_1024

The eye shadows span a neutral range:Pearl (Shimmer), Chai (Shimmer), Mink (Sparkle), Shell (Matte), Café (Matte), and Black (Matte).  See the swatches below:

Lorac Pro to Go Shadow Swatches

While the matte bronzer aligns well with two blushes: shimmery coral and a matte pink.

Lorac Pro to Go cheek Swatches


So how do they perform?  What do I think?  Do they play well with mature skin?  Should I buy it?  Is it travel worthy?

So many questions!  So, what do I think…  I love the eye shadows in the palette!  They are beautiful colors that transfer well, have only minimal fall out, and blend so nicely (just not as buttery as for example Make Up Geek shadows – but still really nicely).  The colors leave lots of room for creativity even though there are only six colors. I really enjoy blending the shimmery with the matte colors!

As for the bronzer and blushes.  Slightly different review here.  The cheek colors are all nice and bendable but the colors are kind of boring to me.  The blushes are standard pink and coral.  I tend to prefer mixes across colors.  The bronzer is very nice as well but just not anything fabulous.  It does apply well and seems to be a suitable color that will work for most skin colors; however, when I put it on it did not make me go “wow”!  Good – maybe very good – but not amazing.

As for working for mature skin – no problems at all.  The products all blend well and given the minimal fall out, they do not stray into off limits territory (under eye lines).

Is it travel worthy.  First, would I be happy taking just this palette for my cheeks and eyes?  Yes, I would but if i was traveling for more than two days, I may want to bring another cheek color.  The palette itself is constructed so well, and I love the way it opens up!  It also comes with two very small brushes, but I found those to be useless to me.  This compact also is rather rugged so I think it could handle some rough and tumble in the baggage claim.  All in all – yes!  I would travel with this especially because I LOVE the eye shadows!!

Here is my overall rating:

Ratings image


If you want to see my “live” review and application, check out my video on YouTube.  I would love to hear what you all think as well!

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Tarte Energy Noir Clay Palette Review

Tate Energy Noir palette


It is here – a NEW Tarte palette!  This is the Energy Noir Clay palette, which retails for $38, and let me tell you about it!  The palette contains eight shadows, one highlight, and one blush.  Here are names and brief descriptions:IMG_0026

Top Row on Left:

  • Full Moon (matte beige)
  • Charged Up (silvery taupe – shimmery)
  • Dark Drive (matte dark chocolate)

Second Row on Left:

  • Stone Unturned (matte taupe)
  • Up Too Slate (smoky plum- shimmery)
  • Misty Mauve (matte mauve)

Bottom Row on Left:

  • Power Plum (matte dark plum)
  • Lunar Eclipse (matte black)

Top Upper Right:

  • Unearthed blush

On Right Under Blush:

  • Crystal spark (champagne highlighter but could be a shimmery shadow)

So now the question is — how are they?  Well, let me put you at ease…they are wonderful!  The shadows are a nice mixture of holding color but blending evenly (something I have not always experienced with Tarte palettes) and the colors are wonderful.  I love using them individually and also mixed!  There is a balanced mixture of matte and shimmery.  As you may know, I tend to favor matte shadows but these shimmery colors are rather nice and easily toned down.

The cheek color is just perfect – a bit darker than I would have thought I would like but when applied – I LOVED it!  The only piece of the palette that may not get much use from me is the highlighter.  I have become tied to the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer and highlighter palette I just got and cannot use anything else right now (this might just be a phase however).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other than the highlighter jut not catching my eye at the moment, the palette is a home run!  No settling into fine lines around my eyes – meaning there is minimal fall out when applying since that often is what happens and catches in my lovely crevices!

Here is my overall rating.  I bet you will not be too surprised by it!

Rating Image

And now for the link to my video review.  Oh, I am trying really hard to reach 100 subscribers by the end of August.  Can you subscribe if you have not already?  Thanks so much! 

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July Favorites (2015)

July 2015 FAvorites Thumbnail

Here we go!  A roundup of my favorites for the past two to three months (since I have not done monthly favorites before!).  What is great about these postings is that not only have I used the products for a while, but their performance hit the “favorites” status!  See what you think and let me know if you have any questions.  Are any of these favorites for you?


Makeup Items:

Skin Care Items:

Hair Care:

  • V05 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Shampoo in Kiwi Lime Squeeze – – $1.19
  • Organic Pure CareHydrating Potion and Silk Potion Cream **If you have trouble finding this let me know and I can give you the contact at my hair salon.


That is all for now.  I will be back at the end of August for another “Monthly Favorites” review!   Have wonderful months if I do not see you until then – but I hope I see you sooner!

As always, here is the link to my YouTube video reviewing these products.  This is a funny one as there is a great deal of animal interactions!  By the way, I am trying very hard to get to 100 subscribers on YouTube – please share my posts and videos and subscribe if you have not already.  Thanks so much!!

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L’Oreal La Palette 2 Nude Eye Shadow

LOreal La Palette 2 Nude Thumbnail


A drugstore eye shadow palette (well a Target eye shadow palette)!  There have been quite a few surfacing lately, and I have to admit I have been eyeing them all and trying to choose which one I would purchase.  I have been doing the typical – reading reviews, watching videos, etc. – especially because you cannot test these palettes out as you can with ones at Ulta and Sephora.  The winner for my purchase was the L”Oreal La Palette 2 Nude ($15.99 – although I got it for less at Target with my Cartwheel app).    It won me over because of its array of colors and not overly shimmery-ness of the shadows.  (I really cannot wear shimmers.)  The packaging of the palette also was very pretty just not maybe at the quality of higher priced ones; although I was never a fan of the velvety Urban Decay Naked palette.  Were any of you?

Here it is:

Are the colors not wonderful?  I love the neutral browns and then the plums – oh I loved the sight of the plums!

So here is my review.  First test is the finger swatch and, of course, I went for the dark end with the plums 😀  Nice transfer and minimal powder making clouds in the palette.  All good so far!  Yea!!

Next test, a very critical one, is putting them on my eyes.  I decided to do the “one eye primed and the other eye not primed” trick just to see how they performed.  I took one of my favorite Morphe brushes – one with great movement and limited density – and made the first “dot.”  I can explain about my “dot method” for applying eye shadow at some point if you are interested.  Just let me know.   Good – eye shadow applied and no dispersion beyond my lids.  Thumbs up!

And now – the most difficult test – how does it blend?  Oh no!  This was a miserable fail on each eye (primed and unprimed).  The shadow just sat there and when it did start to stray it was blotchy and as some of might say “was a hot mess!”  That is right, it just became a patchy mess and did not blend well at all.  I did not want to give up though and sampled another color (but it was the plum that I was so excited about).  I next strayed 2 colors to the left and went through the same motions.  Again, nothing fun and exciting.  It did not splotch as much as the other but there was not “buttery” feel or gentle application with effortless blending.  No, my eyes instead looked a blotchy and well ugly!  This was so unacceptable that I had to wash my makeup off!

Just to be sure because I did not want to give up on this deceivingly pretty eye palette, I tried again later that day.  I just love testing makeup out before I was my face at night.  Is that weird or do others do that too?  I mean even if it look awful, you are not going anywhere and already have your cleansing products in close proximity!!  Again, I was left disappointed by the last test. It seems that some of the shadows perform okay but not at a level that I would ever reach for this palette.  Perhaps it is my mature eye characteristic that makes these shadow so underwhelming but even on the back of my hand I could see evidence of patchy blending.

Here are my ratings.  My guess is that you are probably not surprised!

Ratings picture


Has this product performed well for others?  I was so sad that it did not work out and am back on the search for another eye palette with which to play!

Here is a link to my video review.  I hope that you all have wonderful and positive days and no “hot mess eye shadow experiences”!  Until my next post!

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Ratings picture

Review of Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Shadow Palette

Review of Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Shadow Palette – Not to give it away, but “Yes!”

For me, one of the most creative parts of applying makeup is what you do with your eyes.  There are so many ways to approach it and so many avenues to do something different.  In my case, however, I have deep set or what everyone calls hooded eyes, so my options are a bit more restricted than for those of you who do not have hooded eyes.  For example, no matter what eye shadow I put on my eye lid, it does not show except for when I blink and even then it is for a split second.  I also have to deal with the overhang of my upper eye onto my lid, which if handled incorrectly – for me – can make my eyes look even more closed.  I am always playing around with different techniques, but my tried and true approaches include using matte colors and applying colors to make my hooded lids recess back so that they do not take over my whole eye.

With that out there…I need a good variety of matte shadows; although I do still like to play with more sparkly ones just carefully applied.  In the past, I have bought many palettes (e.g., UD Naked 1, Lorac Pro Palette) only to use half the colors because sparkly colors dominated the collection.  I did find the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty eye palette very nice and it is ALL matter and very nice matter shadows; however, it did not rise to every day use.  In the duration, I put together Z palettes of Makeup Geek and Mac single shadows and deported the mattes from my other palettes.

And then one day…I found the Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Shadow palette ($36)!

These shadows were not only color-coordinated (a nice perk for someone like me who needs some prompts as to what coordinates well) but smooth and blendable.  There is some fall out as you can see on my photo, but the transfer of color from pan to eye is ideal.  There are so many looks that you can create with this palette.  The provide ideas in a handy booklet provided or you can use the rows that depict a step-by-step application – a good first use guide.  What I like to do, however, is to mix a little here and there and just PLAY.  All colors “work” together so free for all time is opportune with this palette.  Another key point about this palette is that it travels very well, which is a big plus for me.

Can you tell that I like this?  Watch my video below for more swatches, etc.  What are your thoughts?  Any other good matte palettes out there?

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