L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion

I am always on the look out for drug store beauty products and always on the look out for new foundations.  The effect of this is what I have here – a drug store foundation option – or not?  See what I think.

Yes, I test out a great deal of foundation.  One reason is that my skin keeps changing.  In part because of the seasons and in part because of the products I am using on my skin (Retin A has made my skin so dry!).  Regardless, I still love a good foundation!  Right now, I am starting to embrace a more glowy or dewy finish – but not too much or I will have flashbacks to my earlier years when my skin was SO oily!  I also want a nice level of coverage.  I do like the look of natural skin but not necessarily my natural skin.  On the other hand, I do not want a mask on my face nor do I want to feel the foundation on my skin.  Finally, it must last throughout the day and behave on my mature skin.  Not too much to ask, right?  I think you understand why I am always searching…

At present, my Holy Grail foundations are: Nars Sheer Glow, Make Up Forever Ultra HD, and Too Faced Born this Way.  (I have reviews on all of these and will link them once I get them uploaded.)  Yes, it is nice to have this line up but they do not all play well with my skin all year long. My Nars Sheer Glow works so well in hotter more humid weather as does my Make Up Forever Ultra HD.  Cooler (i.e., dryer skin days) weather aligns perfectly with my Too Faced Born this Way foundation.

So…how the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation work?


  • Lovely finish!
  • Easy to use and blend especially with my Beauty Blender
  • Nice customizable coverage
  • Works well with mature skin (does not sit in my fine lines)
  • Nice packaging
  • Less pricey than my other foundations
  • Feels nice on skin

Wearing the Lumi Cushion foundation


  • It does not last – see photo of it wearing away from around my nose in just three hours.  This happened no matter what primer I used!
  • For the quantity of the product, it can be considered pricey


As you can imagine, the lack of longevity in wearing power is a strong strike against this foundation and what a shame!  I really liked the finish, coverage, and all the extras.  I cannot use a foundation, however, that wears away to such a degree in just  few hours though.  Has anyone else found this as an issue?  If so, did you find a “fix” for it?  I would love to hear so I can move this product up into my “Like a Lot” drawer!

My search for foundations continues!


L’Oreal La Palette 2 Nude Eye Shadow

LOreal La Palette 2 Nude Thumbnail


A drugstore eye shadow palette (well a Target eye shadow palette)!  There have been quite a few surfacing lately, and I have to admit I have been eyeing them all and trying to choose which one I would purchase.  I have been doing the typical – reading reviews, watching videos, etc. – especially because you cannot test these palettes out as you can with ones at Ulta and Sephora.  The winner for my purchase was the L”Oreal La Palette 2 Nude ($15.99 – although I got it for less at Target with my Cartwheel app).    It won me over because of its array of colors and not overly shimmery-ness of the shadows.  (I really cannot wear shimmers.)  The packaging of the palette also was very pretty just not maybe at the quality of higher priced ones; although I was never a fan of the velvety Urban Decay Naked palette.  Were any of you?

Here it is:

Are the colors not wonderful?  I love the neutral browns and then the plums – oh I loved the sight of the plums!

So here is my review.  First test is the finger swatch and, of course, I went for the dark end with the plums 😀  Nice transfer and minimal powder making clouds in the palette.  All good so far!  Yea!!

Next test, a very critical one, is putting them on my eyes.  I decided to do the “one eye primed and the other eye not primed” trick just to see how they performed.  I took one of my favorite Morphe brushes – one with great movement and limited density – and made the first “dot.”  I can explain about my “dot method” for applying eye shadow at some point if you are interested.  Just let me know.   Good – eye shadow applied and no dispersion beyond my lids.  Thumbs up!

And now – the most difficult test – how does it blend?  Oh no!  This was a miserable fail on each eye (primed and unprimed).  The shadow just sat there and when it did start to stray it was blotchy and as some of might say “was a hot mess!”  That is right, it just became a patchy mess and did not blend well at all.  I did not want to give up though and sampled another color (but it was the plum that I was so excited about).  I next strayed 2 colors to the left and went through the same motions.  Again, nothing fun and exciting.  It did not splotch as much as the other but there was not “buttery” feel or gentle application with effortless blending.  No, my eyes instead looked a blotchy and well ugly!  This was so unacceptable that I had to wash my makeup off!

Just to be sure because I did not want to give up on this deceivingly pretty eye palette, I tried again later that day.  I just love testing makeup out before I was my face at night.  Is that weird or do others do that too?  I mean even if it look awful, you are not going anywhere and already have your cleansing products in close proximity!!  Again, I was left disappointed by the last test. It seems that some of the shadows perform okay but not at a level that I would ever reach for this palette.  Perhaps it is my mature eye characteristic that makes these shadow so underwhelming but even on the back of my hand I could see evidence of patchy blending.

Here are my ratings.  My guess is that you are probably not surprised!

Ratings picture


Has this product performed well for others?  I was so sad that it did not work out and am back on the search for another eye palette with which to play!

Here is a link to my video review.  I hope that you all have wonderful and positive days and no “hot mess eye shadow experiences”!  Until my next post!

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Ratings picture